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"How To Raise Happy & Healthy Free Range Chickens From Your Own Back Yard..."

Discover the easy step-by-step techniques of how to raise playful egg laying chickens from your own it the countryside, the suburbs or the city...

From the desk of Karl Caden
‘The Chicken Care Guy'

       The number of people keeping chickens has increased dramatically in the last few years, enough to develop a larger population than commercial farming.

       As the contamination and heartless treatment of commercial chicken farms have become evident, people around the world just like you and me are starting to look at keeping pet chickens from their own backyard chicken coop

Pet Chickens Might Possibly Be the Greatest Pets in the World,
Here’s Why...

Free organic eggs each and every day. Fresh-from-the-coop free range organic eggs from your own pet chickens are without a doubt excep\tionally tastier and more nutritious then any commercially run-of-the-mill contaminated supermarket eggs. Scientists have said that organic free-range chicken eggs provide more Omega-3 and Vitamin E than eggs from the supermarket and less cholesterol too!
Chemical free pest control. Dump the bug zapper! Chickens love to eat those nasty bugs that bite, such as mosquitoes and ticks, and even the bugs that harm your plants like slugs.
FREE fertilizer. As with all animals, chickens produce a generous amount of leavings. The great news is that chickens produce a richer fertilizer for your garden or lawn than any cow or horse manure.
FREE weed control. That’s right; Chickens will do the weeding in and around your garden on all day for free, and they'll enjoy doing it too!
Make money from selling your eggs. People love fresh-from-the-coop eggs and selling your free range eggs to friends or neighbors is easy!
Very cheap to keep. Unlike dogs, chickens don’t need to be walked or groomed and unlike any other pet, chickens actually return the affection by producing delicious ‘gifts’ for you and your family, each and every day!
People LOVE chickens. Let’s face it, they’re different. You could be the first on your block to provide fresh eggs or baby chicks to the neighbors and their fun and friendly characters make them that much more entertaining!
Great for children. I know from experience that kids LOVE pet chickens. Raising chickens can be an educational experience for young children and teaches them important morals and general awareness and care for animals.
People LOVE chickens. Let’s face it, they’re different. You could be the first on your block to provide fresh eggs or baby chicks to the neighbors!
Impress your friends with your new fun pet chickens in your backyard, show them your fancy chicken coop, show them your chicken tricks or simply share around some of your fresh-from-the-coop-eggs!

Warning: Neglecting Chickens Can Result In
Suffering, Disease & Often Death...

                     You and I both know that bad treatment of chickens can and often does harm & kill chickens through diseases, malnourishment and depression...


Due to poor living conditions in commercial poultry houses, rescued birds are often found in bad condition. Bad diet, stress & depression causes feathers to fall out and causes great discomfort for the chickens...   Here's just one example of the huge difference it makes when using the correct chicken care techniques with a proper diet and attention by owners. Happier, healthier & full feathered chickens that produce healthier eggs and hours of fun!
       Here’s how to avoid the deadly mistakes and ensure your pet chickens have a safe, healthy and happy life from the comfort of your own backyard...

       I’d like to share with you how I discovered the chicken care techniques that have raised hundreds of pet chickens free from disease, malnourishment and depression by using proper pet chicken care and diet techniques and how I built a ‘predator-safe’ chicken coop that both secures and entertains my pet chickens 24/7 for less than 50 bucks so you can too...

      My chickens we’re close to death...

       The day I brought my chicken’s home from the battery hen farm they were miserable, depressed and malnourished. Most of their feathers had come out, their general mood was very low and their movement was minimal.

       They had spent half a lifetime in a jam-packed sardine-style crowded environment with little or no sunlight and had been fed a terrible diet often consisting of wood chips and sawdust to stretch the already cheap chicken feed (this is not uncommon in commercial chicken farming)

       The truth is, I love animals
and I think you’ll agree with me that animals should be cared for and treated in a humane way...

       I saw the state of the poor chickens and felt compelled to do something, even if I could just save one it would be worth it, right..?

       Well, I ended up bringing back a small flock with me and named my new pet chickens Ruth, Etta and Harriet

       I was determined to find the answers of how to successfully raise healthy chickens from a backyard in a built up neighborhood area. I endlessly searched around for the answers but nothing of any REAL useable value was available!

       Sure, there was free information here and there, but none it gave me any 'how-to' instructions that I could use to successfully raise happy & healthy pet chickens from my own backyard...

       I needed simple and effective techniques of how to properly care for backyard chickens. I continually scoured through books, online sources and info and eventually started to gather some great tips and pointers...

       ..but the real ‘AH-HA’ moment came when I started talking to experienced free-range chicken farmers and veteran chicken owners...

       It was great! I had formed a 'chicken specialist mastermind' who showed me the best methods to use when starting to keep chickens at home and gave me advice on raising chickens, caring for chicks, proper feeding and dietary needs, building the best chicken coops and more...

       Within Just 2 weeks of using a careful balance of these chicken care techniques my small flock were looking healthier and happier then ever before. Their mood went from drowsy and depressed to humorous and playful and their egg production almost doubled...

       Well, pet chickens being a fairly trendy new pet, word seemed to spread fast. I routinely started to have people left right and center asking me about how THEY could keep chickens from their backyards and if I had any tips..

       by complete accident and without really meaning to I had become the guy to talk to about on raising backyard chickens.  For months people asked me to show them how to make an easy to build cost-effective chicken coop that secures the chickens from the many preying predators, so I decided to reveal the 5 greatest chicken coop plans from my months of research, planning & experience

       To cut a long story short, today my chickens have beautiful golden brown coats of feathers and lay delicious healthy eggs every day without fail. I still find their fun characters hilarious when playing in the garden and the kids and neighbors love them too!

       When friends come to visit we enjoy giving away some of our fresh-from-the-coop organic free range eggs and I now frequently train new pet chicken owners how to get started with keeping chickens

       ...but let me tell you, I would never have been able to save my withered flock or been able to help out countless other pet chicken owners without the insider chicken care tools, methods and techniques I discovered from my months of real research and masterminding with veteran chicken specialists who had the step-by-step methods and true knowledge of the easy, effective chicken keeping methods...

       Listen, bringing home your new chickens can be very exiting, yet without knowing how to look after them it can be a daunting step to take at first with the laws to abide and everything else to set up.., believe me, I was there, but rest assured, there is hope, my story is living proof,  and I’d like to help
       Forget the endless suffering research...

       I’ve Done All The Hard Work So You Don’t Have To...

      Lets face it, It will most likely take you weeks if not months to figure it all out on you own and could cost you a small fortune, or God-forbid, the health and well being of your pet chickens...

      Suppose you had the tools and resources you needed to effortlessly keep a well-maintained healthy egg laying flock of pet chickens from the comfort of your own home...

      ..a ‘’Step-by-Step Chicken Keeping Starter Kit’ containing all the fast-track secret chicken care tips, tricks and knowledge with simple step-by-step instructions that laid out exactly how to get started with keeping backyard chickens..

      How useful would that be to you…?

      Because instead of knocking yourself out searching high and low trying to find all the answers on your own I’d like to invite you right now to discover everything you’ll ever need to know inside a new
All-in-one chicken keeping package

     You Too Can Raise Fun & Playful Pet Chickens From Your Very Own Garden Starting Today...

      For months my friends and clients begged me to put something like this together and after a long time in the making I’m finally uncovering the many powerful discoveries and strategies to easy backyard chicken keeping...       If you’re serious about keeping free range backyard chickens, be it out in the countryside, in the suburbs or in the city, you’re about to discover a goldmine...

::::: Introducing the All New Chicken Care Guide :::::

Chicken Care TM

       The No.1 Step-By-Step Guide To Raising Healthy Full Feathered Chickens In Your Own Home

Inside you’ll discover...

  • The essential 8-step-plan to raising healthy chickens at home. This simple step-by-step plan shows you exactly what to do to set your pet chickens up. From regulation checking and garden space managing to predator defense and chicken coop building methods...

  •  How to check the local regulations in your area and find out any legal restrictions for keeping chickens.

  • Discover the top 16 recommended backyard chicken breeds and find out which breeds are suited to your location. I’ll also reveal how to buy any breed of chicken for $2 or less and the 3 best sources of where to find your new pet chickens
  • Considering raising baby chicks? I’ll guide you through the all important  step-by-step chick raising techniques when caring for baby chicks from building an indoor chicks nest, chicks dietary needs and transitioning them into the adult chicken coop

  • How to avoid any casualties & upset and treat your new little chicks to full and healthy life.

  •  How to ‘danger-proof’ your garden for your new pet chickens and make them feel welcomed into their new home

  • The 10 most common deadly predators that can kill your entire flock of pet chickens if not secured correctly. Inside I’ll teach you how you can prevent each predator and how to tell if any predators have been near...

  • The 5 ‘Happy-Chicken’ entertainment techniques that will keep your pet chickens alive, active, happy and healthy...with minimal effort from you!

  • How to tame chickens and turn any chickens into friendly & loving adorable pets

  • 12 easy steps to maximize your chickens egg production and how to sell your fresh organic eggs for a tidy profit again..and again...and again...

  • The essential facts on feeding your pet chickens, from the types of feed & supplements to the to dietary needs of different ages so your pet chickens stay fit and healthy. I'll also reveal the diet that produces the healthiest eggs possible!

  • Will your adorable pet chickens die of an easily avoidable disease..? Inside I reveal the all-important safety measures and the diseases and symptoms to look for. You’ll see real life examples of the parasites and diseases that you can easily prevent!

  • The 7 most common backyard pet chicken problems. From aggressive behavior to off laying and molting, I'll show you how to prevent them all using gentle caring techniques.

  • How to successfully breed chickens. You’ll discover everything from the basics of breeding, courting and mating chickens through to  breeding and incubation equipment  and the all important egg management and gentle baby chick handling techniques...

  • 11 essential modules of sound advice from veteran chicken owners and poultry experts so your pet chickens can enjoy a happy & healthy life they truly deserve from your own backyard!

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Raising Chicks 101
The ALL-Inclusive 'Newbies' Guide on
Raising and Caring for Baby Chicks at Home

       Raising chicks at home for the first time can very fun and rewarding but is an extremely delicate task to do. In this step-by-step chick raising guide you’ll discover...

  • The All-Important breeding equipment you’ll need to successfully raise healthy chicks from your own home, even if you don t know what the hell you're doing!

  • 8 simple steps to creating the safe and comfortable hatching environment in your own home so you can
    treat your baby chicks to the care they deserve

  • Will all of your chicks survive..? Discover the 7 essential steps to do when your baby chicks first arrive...

  • How and when to transition your baby chicks from the indoor brooder to the outdoor chicken coop

  • A complete step-by-step 'newbies' guide for caring for baby chicks including hatching hint and tips to hatching eggs from incubators and chicks dietary needs

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Chicken Disease Diagnoser

It can be a heart breaking thing to you and your family to lose your entire flock in a matter of days, but that’s exactly what can happen if you don’t pick up on the early warning signs, but there’s hope...

Inside you’ll discover...

  • The main common chicken diseases that can cause great discomfort, suffering & even death and the prevention and treatment methods that can save your chickens life

  • Symptoms and early warning signs to look for so you can stop any diseases spreading throughout the flock and treat your pet chickens to the medical care they deserve...

  • Feel more confident and comfortable when caring for your chickens with over 100 common disease symptoms, active treatments and prevention methods

  • How to prevent deadly diseases in your chickens so they can live a full and healthy life and enjoy a safe environment in your own backyard

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Chicken Raising Terms A to Z

      For a beginner, it can sometimes be overwhelming to understand the names of the different equipments, chicken breeds & chicken raising methods... 

Use this easy A - Z chicken raising terms tool to learn the full lingo of the chicken owner language and discover the real names of the equipment, procedures and what the rest of the chicken jargon actually means...


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Easy Organic Egg Recipes

The No.1 Egg Recipe Book Containing
Over 100+ Delicious Organic Egg Recipes
You Can Share With Your Friends & Family

Fresh eggs from your own free range chickens not only taste much better than store eggs, they are healthier too.

With 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more vitamin A, 7 times more beta carotene, 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids & 3 times more vitamin E, not to mention how much more satisfying and rewarding it is to collect and eat your own organic pet chickens eggs.

  • Treat your guests to the finest egg recipes made from REAL fresh eggs and show them how eggs should REALLY taste...

  • You’ll discover how to preserve eggs and how to easily make delicious egg recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert

  •  A range of super-easy step-by-step recipes for Omelets, shirred eggs, scrambled eggs, sweet omelets & many more mouth-watering egg recipes for your fresh-from-the-coop free range eggs...

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Diet Plans
The Exact Nutrients and Foods Needed To Maintain a Healthy Balanced Diet For Your Chickens So They Can Live a Happier, Healthier and Full Life

      Your chickens rely on YOU to provide the sustenance they need to produce good eggs, remain healthy and resist illness. At first glance your birds may look healthy, but if there is insufficient protein, minerals, vitamins and calcium in their diet, it can affect everything. Inside You'll Discover...

  • As with humans, diet and health affects everything and with the right diet you'll see a HUGE difference in your chickens character, their liveliness and their healthy egg production.

  • Why the right amount of protein is so important in your chicken’s diet and the best foods to ensure your pet chickens get the right amount

  • The dietary needs for the 4 main stages of your chickens life. You’ll get the low down on how much protein and calcium your pet chickens need

  • You’ll discover the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet for your chickens so they can live a happier, healthier and playful life..

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       How much is the health and happiness of your new feathered friends worth?
If you're new to keeping chickens and you're keen to get started, i'd like to help...

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