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"How To Easily Raise Happy & Healthy Free-Range Chickens From Your Own Back Yard..."

You're about to discover the easy step-by-step techniques of
how you can raise healthy egg laying chickens from your own it the countryside, the suburbs or the city...


      Dear friend,
If you’ve ever considered raising backyard chickens t
his could be the most important information you ever read...

      Lets face it, It will most likely take you weeks if not months to figure it all out on you own and could cost you a small fortune, or God-forbid, the health and well being of your pet chickens...

      Suppose you had the tools and resources you needed to effortlessly keep a well-maintained healthy egg laying flock of pet chickens from the comfort of your own home...

      ..a ‘’Step-by-Step Guide’ containing all the fast-track secret chicken care tips, tricks and knowledge with simple step-by-step instructions that laid out exactly how to get started with keeping backyard chickens..

      How useful would that be to you…?

      Because instead of knocking yourself out searching high and low trying to find all the answers on your own I’d like to invite you right now to discover everything you’ll ever need to know inside a new
All-in-one Chicken Care Guide...

     You Too Can Raise Fun & Playful Pet Chickens From Your Very Own Garden Starting Today... friends and clients begged me to put something like this together and after a long time in the making I’m finally uncovering the many powerful discoveries and strategies to easy backyard chicken keeping...

       If you’re serious about keeping free range backyard chickens, be it out in the countryside, in the suburbs or in the city, you’re about to discover a goldmine...

:::::::::::: Introducing the Chicken Care Guide :::::::::::::::::

       It’s The ALL-NEW Complete All-In-One Guide to Successfully Raising Happy & Healthy Egg-Laying Pet Chickens from the Comfort of Your Own Home

       The Chicken Care Guide is the No.1 downloadable ebook of that shows you every aspect of how to raise your backyard pet chickens.

       We’ll cover the essential Do’s and Don’ts when bringing your chicken’s home and I’ll guide you step-by step how to properly raise them with easy backyard chicken keeping methods...

       Here’s what just a few people are saying about the Chicken Care Guide...

 Product Review - Carla Morina

"It's an Easy and Step-by-Step Approach..."

         Hey Karl. I read a couple of books about chickens, but felt that I needed a step-by-step approach to getting started with backyard chickens. I researched the internet and came across your Chicken Care Kit, which I quickly downloaded, printed and read in one evening.

          It was a HUGE help for me and guided me on the important factors to watch out for. I especially like the (xxxxx) technique from the chicken care guide. I have started raising chickens and I must say I’m very glad to have taken you up on your offer, thank you once again
Carla Morina

Carla Morina

NU, Canada

 Product Review - Michelle Caruso

"Full of Confidence About Raising My Backyard Chickens.."

         Hi Karl. This is just what I needed to start raising chickens from my backyard. I was unsure at first if my backyard and location was right or not, however, after reading through your chicken care guide and using the other useful bonus items, it has left me full of confidence about raising my backyard chickens. Highly recommended. Thank you,

Michelle Caruso

Ohio, USA

(RRP $49.95)

Chicken Care

       The No.1 Step-By-Step Guide To Raising Healthy Full Feathered Chickens In Your Own Home

Inside you’ll discover...

  •    The essential 8-step-plan to raising healthy chickens at home. This simple step-by-step plan shows you exactly what to do to set your pet chickens up. From regulation checking and garden space managing to predator defence and chicken coop building methods...

  • How to check the local regulations in your area and find out any legal restrictions for keeping chickens.

  • Which chicken breeds are best suited to your garden & location. I’ll also reveal how to buy any breed of chicken for $2 or less and the 3 best sources of where to find your new pet chickens

  • Considering raising baby chicks? I’ll guide you through the all important  step-by-step chick raising techniques when caring for baby chicks from building an indoor chicks nest, chicks dietary needs and transitioning them into the adult chicken coop

  • How to avoid any casualties & upset and treat your new little chicks to full and healthy life.

  • How to ‘danger-proof’ your garden for your new pet chickens and make them feel welcomed into their new home

  • The 10 most common deadly predators that can kill your entire flock of pet chickens if not secured correctly. Inside I’ll teach you how you can prevent each predator and how to tell if any predators have been near...

  • The 5 ‘Happy-Chicken’ entertainment techniques that will keep your pet chickens alive, active, happy and healthy...with minimal effort from you!

  • How to tame chickens and turn any chickens into friendly & loving adorable pets

  • 12 easy steps to maximize your chickens egg production and how to sell your fresh organic eggs for a tidy profit again..and again...and again...

  • The essential facts on feeding your pet chickens, from the types of feed & supplements to the to dietary needs of different ages so your pet chickens stay fit and healthy. I'll also reveal the diet that produces the healthiest eggs possible!

  • Will your adorable pet chickens die of an easily avoidable disease..? Inside I reveal the all-important safety measures and the diseases and symptoms to look for. You’ll see real life examples of the parasites and diseases that you can easily prevent!

  • The 7 most common backyard pet chicken problems. From aggressive behaviour to off laying and moulting, I'll show you how to prevent them all using gentle caring techniques.

  • How to successfully breed chickens. You’ll discover the everything from the basics of breeding & courting and mating chickens through to  breeding and incubation equipment  and the all important egg management and gentle baby chick handling techniques...

  • 11 essential modules of sound advice from veteran chicken owners and poultry experts so your pet chickens can enjoy a happy & healthy life they truly deserve from your own backyard!

         What's really great about the Chicken Care Kit is that You Can Be Absorbing These Amazing Techniques In The Next 30 Seconds!

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Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans

The Easy Step-by-Step Blue-Prints of How To Build Your Own Backyard Chicken Coop in Mere Hours...for Under $50!

Inside you’ll discover...

Complete ‘done-for-you’ step-by-step chicken coop plans so you can quickly and easily build a secure chicken house from home and welcome your pet chickens with a comfortable chicken coop they can enjoy

      Here’s just a few examples of the
step-by-step chicken coop plans inside...

Super easy to build
Fun & entertaining for your chickens
Complete with low cost materials list and sizes
Keeps out dangerous predators
Made for maximum egg laying and easy collection
Print them off and build your NEW chicken coop for Less Than $50 Bucks!!

  • Forget eccentric complicated chicken coops, in the Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans you’ll get the super-easy-to-build ‘cut and paste’ chicken coop blueprints. The best thing is, you can build any of them in less than 2 hours and your pet chickens will love to lay eggs in their chicken coop!
  • Each chicken coop design gives the chickens fun and entertainment for the chickens using  perches, ramps, walkways and cosy bedroom boxes

  • Specially designed for safety and security from preying predators

  • Impress your friends with your savvy new building skills and add a new interesting and exiting addition to your backyard

  • A full list of low cost materials with measurements and cutting sizes so you can avoid the time-consuming endless hours of building frustration and make your pet chickens the chicken coop they truly deserve...quickly, easily and hassle-free!

$24.95 Yours FREE

Diet Plans
The Exact Nutrients and Foods Needed To Maintain a Healthy Balanced Diet For Your Chickens So They Can Live a Happier, Healthier and Full Life

Your chickens rely on YOU to provide the sustenance they need to produce good eggs, remain healthy and resist illness. At first glance your birds may look healthy, but if there is insufficient protein, minerals, vitamins and calcium in their diet, it can affect everything. Inside You'll Discover...

  • As with humans, diet and health affects everything and with the right diet you'll see a HUGE difference in your chickens character, their liveliness and their healthy egg production.

  • Why the right amount of protein is so important in your chicken’s diet and the best foods to ensure your pet chickens get the right amount

  • The dietary needs for the 4 main stages of your chickens life. You’ll get the low down on how much protein and calcium your pet chickens need

  • You’ll discover the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet for your chickens so they can live a happier, healthier and playful life...

17.00 Yours FREE

Easy Worm Farming

“Fresh worms are one of chickens favourite natural meals”

It’s a fact that chickens LOVE to eat fresh-from-the-ground worms and have great fun hunting around for them throughout the day. Treat your chickens to the ultimate natural ‘gourmet’ food with this easy worm farming guide.

  • Treat your pet chickens to their favourite meal, every day, for FREE!

  • As they have fun hunting around the yard for their ‘gourmet treats’ it provides your chickens with much needed entertainment and takes almost no effort from you!

19.95 Yours FREE

Chickens in Hot & Cold Climates

During heat waves and cold climates hens will usually lay far fewer eggs, however that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Inside you’ll discover

  • How hot is too hot? Discover what you must do to prevent death in hot climates

  • Revealed! The deadly mistakes when keeping chickens in the winter and the simple prevention tactics for your chickens to survive the cold

  • The all-important tips and tricks that could end up saving your chickens life!

29.95 Yours FREE

Easy Organic Egg Recipes

The No.1 Egg Recipe Book Containing Over 100+ Delicious Organic Egg Recipes You Can Share With Your Friends & Family
Fresh eggs from your own free range chickens not only taste much better than store eggs, they are healthier too, with 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more vitamin A, 7 times more beta carotene, 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids & 3 times more vitamin E, not to mention how much more satisfying and rewarding it is to collect and eat your own pet chickens eggs.

  • Treat your guests to the finest egg recipes made from REAL fresh eggs and show them how eggs should REALLY taste...

  • You’ll discover how to preserve eggs and how to easily make delicious egg recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert

  •  A range of super-easy step-by-step recipes for Omelettes, shirred eggs, scrambled eggs, sweet omelettes & many more mouth-watering egg recipes for your fresh-from-the-coop free range eggs...

39.95 Yours FREE

Disease Diagnoser

It can be a heart breaking thing to you and your family to lose your entire flock in a matter of days, but that’s exactly what can happen if you don’t pick up on the early warning signs, but there’s hope...

Inside you’ll discover...

  • The main common chicken diseases that can cause great discomfort, suffering & even death and the prevention and treatment methods that can save your chickens life

  • Symptoms and early warning signs to look for so you can stop any diseases spreading throughout the flock and treat your pet chickens to the medical care they deserve

  • Feel more confident and comfortable when caring for your chickens with over 100 common disease symptoms, active treatments and prevention methods

  • How to prevent deadly diseases in your chickens so they can live a full and healthy life and enjoy a safe environment in your own backyard

$14.95 Yours FREE

Chicken Raising Terms A to Z

       Learn the full lingo of the chicken owner language and finally learn the real names of the equipment, procedures and find out what the rest of the chicken jargon actually means...



$27.00 Yours FREE

Raising Chicks 101
The ALL-Inclusive 'Newbies' Guide on Raising and Caring for Baby Chicks at Home

       Raising chicks at home for the first time can very fun and rewarding but is an extremely delicate task to do. In this step-by-step chick raising guide you’ll discover...

  • The All-Important breeding equipment you’ll need to succesgully raise healthy chicks from your own home, even if you don t know what the hell you're doing!

  • 8 simple steps to creating the safe and comfortable hatching environment in your own home so you can
    treat your baby chicks to the care they deserve

  • Will all of your chicks survive..? Discover the 7 essential steps to do when your baby chicks arrive...

  • How and when to transition your baby chicks from the indoor brooder to the outdoor chicken coop

  • A complete step-by-step 'newbies' guide for caring for baby chicks including hatching hint and tips to hatching eggs from incubators and chicks dietary needs

$24.95 Yours FREE

Chicken Resources Toolbox

Tired of searching around for the right chicken information & resources you need..?

Find all the essential pet chicken resources with this Fast-Track chicken care Resources Tool with access to the trusted and damn right MUST-HAVE links and info

Inside You’ll discover...

  • The most reliable and trusted places to buy your backyard pet chicken supplies

  • Links to local laws & local council information where you’ll find the low-down on the all important legal issues and legislations that allow you to keep pet chickens in your garden

  • Useful chicken publications and access to groups & organisations where you can talk to like-minded pet chicken owners specialising in the care and well being of pet chickens

  • The top poultry sources of where to get your pet chickens...and how you can in fact get them for FREE...
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 Product Review - Susan Williams

"Free Range Eggs Every Day..."

       The chicken care techniques inside your chicken care kit have come in very useful. We are successfully raising healthy chickens from home and will soon be raising some young baby chicks!

       We’re currently getting delicious free range eggs every day from our chickens and we’re thrilled with all the help you have given us with the advice and tips from your kit. Thanks again.

Susan Williams
London, UK

 Product Reveiw - Jane Winters

"My Friends Love The
Fresh-from-the-Coop Eggs"

       "Hi Karl, just to let you know, thanks to your chicken care kit I am successfully raising friendly egg producing chickens from my backyard and everyone is loving the strange new pets in the neighbourhood. We often give away some of our fresh free range eggs and I just wanted to thank you once again for your chicken care package that gave us the step-by-step ‘how-to’ when getting started with our chickens. Thankyou"

Jane Winters

This is just what I’ve been looking for
...but how much does it cost

       Let me ask you something...What price you would put upon your own pets life? What about the price of your very own pet chicken’s health, happiness and well being?

       I and many other pet chicken owners agree that you really can’t put a price on it. Not to mention the great feeling of eating fresh organic eggs from your very own nurtured pet chickens...its second to none!

      I sell copies of my Chicken Care Guide every day to happy paying customers for $69.95 per copy...

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        How long before the last few copies have gone? I can’t say for sure, a week? a few days? possibly later tonight? who knows? But once they’re gone, the price will automatically be raised...

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"My Crazy 365 Day Guarantee"

       I'm never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So here's my simple “No Small Print” guarantee. Try my Chicken Care Guide today and put it through the ringer. Use every tip, trick and technique as many times as you'd like for 12 full months.

               You be the judge. If my Kit doesn't deliver everything I've promised, or if you're unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I'll buy it back off you no questions asked...and I'll even let you keep the bonuses just for giving it a try

        I have no problem making this kind of ridiculous iron-clad guarantee because I've personally used the techniques inside to turn my own withered and depressed battery chickens into full feathered playful backyard pet chickens and helped countless others do the same, so I know they work...Fair enough?

        Either you love it or you get a refund and keep the bonuses for free. Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

        I cant be any fairer than that. You Have Absolutely ZERO risk. So I would strongly suggest that you...
    Take The Opportunity To Download Your Copy Now

        For me, keeping chickens is truly an educational and fun experience. Each morning going to collect the organic eggs wih my boys from my very own pet chickens is an experience second to none that brings you closer to nature and one that I want to help you achieve...

        How much is the health and happiness of your new feathered friends worth?
If you're new to keeping chickens and you're keen to get started, i'd like to help...

        Try the Chicken Care Guide RISK-FREE for a full year and discover the essential techniques on how to raise happy & healthy egg-laying backyard chickens from your own home in the countryside, suburbs or city

There’s only one place to go from here, I can’t make the choice for you, the decision is truly yours…

Yes Yes Yes Karl. I Can't Wait To Take you up on your one-time-offer and claim my copy of the Chicken Care Guide today...

I understand that I’ll get:
Chicken Care - The No.1 Step-By-Step Guide To Raising Healthy Full Feathered Chickens In Your Own Home

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       I understand that I have 12 full months to tryout the entire package and there is no risk on my part at all. On that basis I am ready to download my copy Now!

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Karl Caden

The Chicken Care Guy

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 Product Review - David King

"I Now Have a Cute and
Healthy Flock of Pet Chickens..."

         "Thanks Karl for writing such a great guide for chicken care owners. The chicken care kit in my opinion is long overdue. The chicken coop designs are fantastic and easy to follow, even for a newbie like me. Thanks again"

David King

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Kim Delveco, Burlington, VT